Volume 38, Issue 2


A Short Review of Isoindigo Acceptor for Conjugated Polymeric Photovoltaics
Shu Er Tan, Wahidah Zabidi and Mohd Sani Sarjadi*

Characterization of Different Metal Oxide Promoted Alumina Catalyst
- S. M . Anisuzzaman, Awang Bono, Duduku Krishnaiah, F .A . Lahin, and C. Ramlan

Complex Intuitionistic Fuzzy Subrings
Mikhled, Okleh Alsarahead, Abd Ghafur, and Ahmad

On the General Solution of 2th Order Linear Differential Equation
J. López-Bonilla,G. Posadas-Durán, and O. Salas-Torres.

On the Roots of the Legendre Laguerre, and Hermite Polynomials
S. Álvarez-Ballesteros, J. López-Bonilla, R. López-Vázquez

Relationship between Water Quality & Black Flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) Abundance in Tambunan District, Sabah.
Nur Ashiqin Abdul Hamid, Maria Lourdes T. Lardizabal, Hiroyuki Takaoka, Estherpeni Stephen and Maznah Mahali

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