Nurul Afifah Mohd Radzir*1, Che Aziz Ali1, Kamal Roslan Mohamed1, & Ramlan Omar2
1Geology Program,
2Environmental Science Program,
School of Environmental and Natural Resources Sciences,
Faculty of Science and Technology,
University Kebangsaan Malaysia Bangi,
Selangor, Malaysia.

ABSTRACT. Kuala Besar is part of the modern Kelantan River Delta complex and exhibits continuous changes in morphology because of the erosion, wave and sediment distribution. The precision of echo sounding data and 65 grab samples are integrated to reveal the bathymetry and sediment distribution at the Kuala Besar, Kelantan River Delta. Different sediment distribution patterns are found from the nearshore towards offshore, whereas the nearshore situated the fine silt size of grain, extended to the sea are dominated with the silt to sand size with account of 86%,, meanwhile the offshore area placed the sand size of sediment ranging from the 0.11 mm to 1.31 mm account for 100% maximum value. As per difference of the sediment distribution lead to the contribution of the bathymetry pattern change from the mouth bar towards the marine shelf due to the increasing of the distance from the land. These changes are brought about by the interactions of the various factors such as river influx, wave and climate that hits the coastal of east Peninsular Malaysia, where located the study area; thus resulting in morphological changes and sediments deposits pattern. The combinations of these factors produce a newly formed of the area which showing a retreat pattern of the sediment distribution promote by a gentle slope gradient of seabed morphology. Hence, the sediments distribution at different zone indicates the evolution of destructive wave types of the study area.

KEYWORDS. Kuala Besar, Kelantan River Delta, bathymetry, sediment distribution,destructive delta


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