Russel Felix Koiting*, Ejria Saleh, John Madin, Than Aung & Fazliana Mustajap

Borneo Marine Research Institute,
Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Jalan UMS, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
*Contact person: Emai:

ABSTRACT. Mantanani Besar Island is one of the community and tourism islands in the west coast of Sabah. It is inhabited by local Ubian people which stated that the island receiving major problem of erosion around the island. Ocean motion (waves and currents) and winds causes the erosion and together with seasonal monsoons change the intensity and formation of waves, winds and the periodic storms. These combinations intensified the geomorphic processes of erosion and accretion along the shoreline. Therefore, the objectives of this study are to determine the beach morphologies (beach profile, volume and angle) and sediment parameters during pre- and post- southwest monsoon (SWM). This study was conducted on May and November 2013 in order to see the beach changes done before and after the peak 2013 SWM (May to September). Beach profiles were measured at 5 stations around the island. Further measurements on beach volume and angle were calculated based on the beach profile readings. Sediment samples were collected at mid tide and analyzed the sediment parameters (mean, sorting, skewness and kurtosis). Results show most of the beach profile increase in post-SWM than in pre-SWM. Significant changes of the beach elevation were found at northern part of the island (st 4 and st 5). Beach volume increases in most of the station with a range from 2.71 to 9.19 while only st 3 experienced sediment loss with -0.75 Beach angle are also increase at most of the station (1 o) but significantly increase at st 5 (4.62o). Based on the sediment size analysis, mean values are decreasing shows the increase of energy condition. Most of the sediment are moderately sorted and positively skewness. The kurtosis value are vary indicates the presence of other source of sorting. The information gathered on this study is useful for the development along the beach and future management plan of the island.

KEYWORDS: beach profile and angle, sediment characteristics, shoreline changes, Mantanani Besar Island


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