ABSTRACT. Banteng cattle have been domesticated in several places in the Southeast Asia. A domesticated form of Banteng, called ‘Bali cattle’ considered to be the same species and occurs widely in Indonesia and has been introduced to other areas of the world. Banteng cattle were classified as endangered species by IUCN Red List. In the past few years an effort has been made by Department of Veterinary Services and Animal Industry (DVSAI) Sabah, Malaysia in Banteng research for conservation and breeding program purposes. Electroejaculation technique was applied on fifteen Banteng cattle for semen collection. Collected fresh semen then analyzed for semen volume, pH, sperm concentration and motility. The objective of this study was to determine the fresh semen quality of domesticated Banteng cattle reared in Sabah, Malaysia. Results in this study show the semen volume was between 2.2 to 11.5 ml (mean; 6.28±2.3 ml), pH 6.63 to 7.48 (mean;7.01±0.24), sperm concentration between 30 to 470 x 106 sperm/ml (mean; 266 x 106 sperm/ml) and sperm motility between 10 to 70% (mean; 56.08±16.72 %). We conclude that data generated in this study were useful and important hedge against the complete loss of threatened populations of Banteng cattle, in making the decision for conservation and breeding program where the sources were very limited.

KEYWORDS. Banteng, Bali cattle, semen quality

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