Submission of manuscript can be done in the following ways:

1. Online submission

You may submit your manuscript online for consideration of publication. You need to register before submission.

Click here for registration (This feature is still Unavailable at the moment)

Upon registration you will receive an e-mail requires your confirmation. Once you confirmed your account will be activated then you can submit your manuscript.
Click here for submission (This feature is still Unavailable at the moment)
Online submission is safe and easy, save time and ease review process. After inserting the required fields a pdf format will be presented to you for confirmation. You are required to confirm the content of pdf file to end up your submission. Upon submission and computer generated e-mail will be sent to you for your reference. Please keep that for future communications.

*Note: This service is currently not available.

2. E-mail submission

We also encourage authors to submit their manuscript using e-mail. Please e-mail your manuscript, tables, figures, citation and additional supporting data to or/and  for consideration.

You have to provide a cover letter for each manuscript submission addressing Professor Dr. Kawi Bidin, The Chief Editor of Borneo Science (An International Journal).

3. Postal submission
If you like to submit your manuscript by postal service please follow the given instruction.

  • Provide a CD that contains all related files.
  • Please provide 1 CD for each submission.
  • Print your manuscript in high quality A4 size paper (one side).
  • Use an accredited currier for sending materials to secure your submission. Borneo Science is not responsible for any damages and loss of your materials before receiving. Please send your manuscript to the following address:

BORNEO SCIENCE (An International Journal)

Faculty of Science and Natural Resources
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Jalan UMS
88400 Kota Kinabalu
Tel. No: +6088-320000, Ext. 5063
Fax No: +6088-320223